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Weather & Wildfire Information

 Lundy's Weather Station | Sandia Park, NM
Lundy's Weather Station | Sandia Park, NM  

Lundy's Weather Station

Located at our home in Sandia Park, New Mexico
Station: Davis Vantage Pro2

Our Weather Station | Current Conditions

Our Weather Station | History | Weather Underground
  - History prior to 11/2/11 is our Old Weather Station

Map (Weather Stations near Sandia Park, NM)
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Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP)
  - Our Station Information (DW8852)
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Weather Forecasts  


 Weather Radar
Weather Radar  

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United States
Southern Rockies
Weather Channel Map | Sandia Park, NM
 Wildfire Information
Wildfire Information  

New Mexico

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What's a Monsoon?

It's a weather pattern that gives us late afternoon rains, which typically only last for a few minutes.  It occurs when a high pressure is over New Mexico or Texas and pulls humid air north from the Gulf.  As the heat of the day warms this humid air, it rises and condenses as it encounters colder air aloft, finally returning to the ground as rain.

In New Mexico we receive 40% of our annual rainfall during the Monsoon Season (mid July through August).
Climate Assessment for the Southwest
North American Monsoons

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