Genealogy | Lundy-Collins Family Tree

 Our Family Tree
Our Family Tree  
Our Family Tree (Lundy-Collins) is available on

Family Tree Includes:
- 800+ family members
- Some Pedigrees go back 15 generations (i.e. 1500's)
- 200+ Surnames (Lunde, Collins, Hopkins, Lundy, Ystebo, Krieger, etc)
- 100's of Photos
- 100's of links to Documents (i.e. census, maps, passenger manifests, etc)

Genetic Ethnicity:
- Dorohty and I had our DNA tested by, check out the Results.
Family Members:
- Please Contact Me so I can get you a login
- If you find required corrections or you have new infor Contact Me

Non-Family Members:
- You can still view & search the tree (infor for living individuals is hidden)
- You can setup a trial account, if you don't allready have an account
 Ken & Dorothy's Roots & Ancestor Tree
Ken & Dorothy's Roots & Ancestor Tree